Soon (hopefully), a live stripped down demo will be available on the link below, skipping the login sequence and breaking it down to core features, for users to test.

Demo Link »

Full IPB Integration

The application fully integrates into the IPB Forum software, to handle logins, to fully authenticate and also allow editing of the users on the site. Email me if you want a full list of Features and Integraiton.

Contact me »

On board Documentation

The site is packaged with Documentation accessible to users, but based on what they can see (using the permissions system), meaning all users will be able to understand how to use their areas of the site.

Demo Link »

IPB OAuth2 Authentication. Seamless and no additional passwords.

OAuth2 is a technology that millions of users use without much knowledge of what it is every day. Ever signed into a site with Facebook or Google? You've used OAuth2 and Community Panel uses OAuth2 to authenticate as well!

Oh yeah, the Design. See for yourself.

Design is far from my forté, I tend to stick with Bootstrap and focus on the backend. However Community Panel uses a fantastic looking Design, blending Darker and Lighter themes together.